Seeds of Life

Seeds of Life

General idea behind the album:

After getting into contact with our currently publisher ROBA PM (by our interview on, we decided to produce our first complete album.

Since we had just done single tracks until now, it was a different story: Finding a concept and working it out reminded us more of a business task and not actually making what we want to. In the first thought an album was kind of a restriction: If a track does not fit into the concept, it is not useful.

We realized fast that producing an album is not a hard restriction on the music we want to make but more like an opportunity to go deeper into a certain style and to experiment and examine this style or genre. Keeping this idea in mind you will notice very different kind of trailer-music tracks. Comparing e.g. The path and morte et dabo.

Overall we wanted to introduce a board spectrum to the audience with a variety of tracks for different situations. So, the album in our experience works well for long train trips, go to sleep or making a youtube-battlefield let’s play.

Release Date: 25.03.2013

Production Process:

With Immortal as a already finished track we decided to build the album around it.

Composing trailer tracks, also with regard to an in-genre differentiation meant for us furthermore to restructure the composition process. (Or better said: the playlist composition) We wanted to have a variety not only by different elements but also with regard to the structure. A uprising track-idea like The path lead to a step-wise addition of different instruments and heaviness until the end. In tracks like Moving shadows a more varied track build up was choosen.

We often worked here with a semi-melodic approach: combining leading elements like a Staccato String pattern with drums to underline the rhythm.

In order to get the tracks in a more serious mood, we found that a pad-based background in combination with back and forth string appearance works well.

Elements like drum-stuttering, achieved by Time manipulating VST-Plugins worked as well for the more happier tracks.

With regard to the post-production-process, surprisingly Seeds of Life did not need an additional Mastering. We were pretty proud of that, since it also saved a hole lot of additional work.


01 Wonders of Life
02 Farewell
03 Morte et Dabo
04 The Path
05 Immortal 
06 Always and Forever
07 Uplifting
08 Between Life and Death
09 Moving Shadows
10 Into the Lights

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Licensing requests:

If you like to use one of the tracks from “Seeds of Life” for you own project, do not hesitate to contact our publisher ROBA PM.