General idea behind the album:

After the first long player record “Seeds of Life“, which mainly consists of tracks oriented towards the trailer-music genre, we decided to produce simple, uplifting and slight-electronic tracks that eventually can be used in advertisments and commercials.


Production Process:

During the production process we focused on trying to keep the orchestraion and instrumentation as light as possible but also rich in variety. This approach led to tracks like “Flying Journey” or “Childhood” which both convey a special kind of mood, due to the fact that these tracks are just evolving out of one lead-instrument. In terms of  the general mood of the record, we endeavoured to cover as much as possible between happiness and grief.


01 Rainy Morning
02 Flying Journey
03 Reuinion
04 Time Lapse
05 Sleeping City
06 Childhood
07 Landing on Earth
08 Last Whisper
09 Breathing
10 Tripping beyond
11 One Day In A Life
12 Reflecting Memories
13 Lifeless
14 Waking Up
15 One Step Further

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Licensing requests:

If you like to use one of the tracks from “Memories” for you own project, do not hesitate to contact our publisher ROBA PM.