General idea behind the album:

In order to complete our main-quest “building up a library”, and in order to diversify our portfolio we took a new challage: Building a electronical based album.

Release Date: 29.05.2015

Production Process:

Since we are rooted in electronical composition and do not really often work with real instruments, it was not a real change in terms of finding a new style of composing. Most of the working routines and processes were still the same and our mixing concept was nicely transferable.

We also knew that this album- not a trailer/overblown one- needed to be more rythmical and more beat sustaining. Leading elements should be consistent and not outstanding to get more packed tracks. We also added a lot of FX and Pad sounds for two reasons: first of all, these sounds help really good to create an athmosphere. Second for possible clients it would be easier to fit in the music in their video-tracks because of the natural breakdowns.


01 Mechalina
02 Underground Eye
03 Smooth Colors
04 Erasement
05 Edge of the world
06 Broken circle
07 Haze
08 Urban Chills
09 Minority
10 Spring Awakening

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Licensing requests:

If you like to use one of the tracks from “Flashback” for you own project, do not hesitate to contact our publisher ROBA PM.