Beyond the sun

Beyond the sun

General idea behind the album:

Flying journey, better known as the “T-Shirt-Track” from the Fashion Revolution Project was a hit! At the moment it is one of our most successful pices out there.

This track is a very light one compared to the other tracks from the album “Memories”. With the following album, we wanted to stick to this kind of tracks a bit.

So the goal was for us to make in general more tracks like “Flying Journey”.

Production Process:

Producing tracks like that would mean that we had to use light insturments and more speedy rhythms.



01 Again and Again
02 Daily routines
03 Painted World
04 Above the horizon
05 Hope and glory
06 Walking on Air
07 Inspiring Adventure
08 Color the sky
09 Dreamwards
10 Returning home

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Licensing requests:

If you like to use one of the tracks from “Beyond the Sun” for you own project, do not hesitate to contact our publisher ROBA PM.