Beyond the sun

Beyond the sun General idea behind the album: Flying journey, better known as the “T-Shirt-Track” from the Fashion Revolution Project was a hit! At the moment it is one of our most successful pices out there. This track is a very light one compared to the other tracks from the album “Memories”. With the following album, we […]


Flashback General idea behind the album: In order to complete our main-quest “building up a library”, and in order to diversify our portfolio we took a new challage: Building a electronical based album. Release Date: 29.05.2015 Production Process: Since we are rooted in electronical composition and do not really often work with real instruments, it was not a […]


Memories General idea behind the album: After the first long player record “Seeds of Life“, which mainly consists of tracks oriented towards the trailer-music genre, we decided to produce simple, uplifting and slight-electronic tracks that eventually can be used in advertisments and commercials.   Production Process: During the production process we focused on trying to […]

Seeds of Life

Seeds of Life General idea behind the album: After getting into contact with our currently publisher ROBA PM (by our interview on, we decided to produce our first complete album. Since we had just done single tracks until now, it was a different story: Finding a concept and working it out reminded us more […]